Zooming into June… VROOM VROOM VROOM!

Hey there folks!
Bonjour, hola, howzit, groete, sanibonani, ciao, hei, dumela, ni hao, salu, shalom, molo and hello!

Day 65 in Lockdown – I hope that you are all well and looking forward to Monday when we go to level 3! Cheers to that!!

Just a quick note to all of you my Pilates Zoomers.

Thanks so much for embracing this new normal of Zooming your Pilates classes – I hope that you are enjoying your classes as much as Lilani and I enjoy teaching them.
So a quick google search just now, tells me that nobody has a clue as to when we will reach level 2, never mind level 1; which is when gyms and Pilates Studios will be allowed to open again.

With this in mind, I am going to be place an order for some ‘Pilates Toys’ and I hope that you will be able to buy some of these things. If each of you could get a band, and a small ball – that would be fantastic, and if the budget allows, a big ball, a foam roller and a magic circle – that would be a bonus!

Here is a discounted price list.

Thera Band: R50
Small OvaBall: R80
Big Ball – 55cm: R330
Big Ball – 65cm: R390
Foam Roller – R540
Magic Circle – don’t all jump at once – R228

Please let me know what you would like to order by Tuesday June 2nd at the latest. It looks as if we will be Zooming classes for the next month or maybe even 2, and I think it would be nice to offer you a bit more variety in the classes – mind you, sticks, loo rolls and chairs have been FUN!

I completely understand if tight budgets at the moment won’t allow for this expense – so if you would like to borrow some things from the studio – as some of you have already done, that can be organised as well, with pleasure!

Please have a peek at Face Book – the Pilates and Beyond Facebook page is a public page, so if you are not a ‘Facebooker’ – I think that you can still look at it… I have put together a little video of shots of the Zoom classes over the last 2 months – you might see yourself there! Please ‘like’ and ‘share’ and do whatever it is that one is meant to do on Facebook. I am running a little competition to try to promote our Zoom Classes – and you could win a nice little prize! Also – you can check out the latest SA Mountain Magazine here: www.samountain.co.za which will be published next week and see the Ad running for Pilates and Beyond – and have a great read while you are at it!

OK – as usual, I have waffled on and on… And on a Beautiful Saturday Morning… well Afternoon now. Have a great day folks, and thanks again for all your support!!

Big Love from my LockDown Studio!!