Howdy folks – have a peek at how short this newsletter is!!!  
You are already nearly at the end!
Annual fee increase as from March will be at just 5% – thank you all in advance for remembering to change your debit orders…
New Fees will be:
Private one on one sessions:  R450 per session
Semi-private sessions (2 people)  R660 per session
Orientation Package Special  R1680 – (5 x private sessions) 
Drop in class R180
Group Classes 
This pricing is worked out over a 12 month period – some months you will get extra classes at no extra cost which in turn make up for the holiday periods where the studio is closed for a short period of time.
1 x class a week  R630 per month
2 x classes a week  R1 085 per month
3 x classes a week  R1 390 per month
BalletRip Classes  R110 per class or R440 monthly 
Please remember, I will only send out invoices for people attending private sessions.   Group classes cost the same each month so no invoice will be sent out unless by special request.
Parking Area
Regarding the parking folks – at peak time (as in early mornings), please be considerate and park in a way that will allow the best use of our very large parking area.  The parking area behind the Richmond Centre is watched so cars will also be safe there.