Who’d a thunk it???

So… Day 129 in Lockdown…. who’d a thunk it??

Well folks, thanks so much for replying to my little survey last month, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

The general consensus was that the majority of you would prefer not to join ‘in studio’ group classes until we have some clarity on what the heck is going on!?!?$!
The place previously known as ‘The Wellness Station’ was not willing to negotiate a lesser rental until we reach level 1 lockdown, so I will not be re opening there at the moment, (if at all..) and I will continue group classes on Zoom for the next little while.

Small Favour?? Can I ask each and every one of you to please keep an eye out for a gorgeous little venue in which to resume our classes when we are given the go ahead to do so safely… Nothing fancy – about 80 square meters, nice garden, in the Southern Suburbs, with a decent rental???

Having said that – I do have a fantastic opportunity to work out of an amazingly well equipped Pilates Studio for those of you who would like to resume, or perhaps start up Private Sessions with me from next week. Sue is a colleague with whom I started the Dean Street Pilates Studio with about 15 years ago – and when I opened at the Wellness Station, Sue opened up Health In Motion – very conveniently located on Bowwood Road in Claremont. Safety protocols will be strictly in place, with only one trainer and one client in the space at a time – I hope to see you there soon!

In the meantime for all you amazing Zoomers, it’s business as usual on Zoom! (Zoom Schedule)

I would like to invite you to my Zoom Bootcamp session on Friday at 730am …. come give it a try as my guest this week. From September I will be re-starting the Bootcamp sessions al fresco – out doors – as a Bootcamp session is meant to be! I will keep you posted!

In closing peeps, as usual, thanks for all the support, and for your lovely smiling faces on my screen each and every day… Thanks for getting all your ‘Toys’ lined up – I still don’t understand why you haven’t all rushed out to get magic circles…;)

If you haven’t seen this cute little ditty – my little ZOOM appreciation Video – pictures of all you lovely peeps, (and your cats… and dogs… and babies…) Check it out below:

See you on the mat – and hopefully soon on the mountain!!