New class with Lilani 8am on Wednesday’s

Hi guys – just a quickie…
I am assuming that you will be keeping your regular ‘Lockdown’ Zoom Class and/or Private session schedule for May … Please feel free to let me know if you would like to add a class,  FOR EXAMPLE – LILANI’S NEW 8AM WEDNESDAY MORNING CLASS??  (nudge nudge wink wink…)
Or, if you would like to add a private session to your training – There are a few spots open with both Lilani and I should you want to make an appointment with us.
To try and add a bit of variety to the classes – if you have the opportunity, please buy a small ball, and a band (should be available at Dischem) then we can add that to our classes – but we all need to have the same – or nearly the same equipement.
In the meantime – I have added another workout to my Youtube Channel – a bit of Cardio/HIIT for you all… see link
I hope that you are all hanging in there folks!!
Please keep an eye out for any possible new homes for Pilates and Beyond – post lockdown!!