Pilates and Beyond … through the Coronavirus …

Hey there folks!
As I write this short mail to you – I am filled with utter amazement that only a week ago, (a week ago today exactly…) I was convinced that I would still be on my merry way to the UK and then Norway for a long awaited holiday! How quickly things change!
And things could – and undoubtedly will change – with each day that passes. We have to be accepting and adaptable to the advice and the events that unfold…
As things stand today, after having had a long chat with our Doctor at the Wellness Station, and having put many things in place at the practice and in the Studio – I feel comfortable with the idea and have decided that I will continue to run classes at Pilates and Beyond – for as long as we can.
I have 80% alcohol sanitisers in the Studio to be used with gay abandon, and with proper mat placement, we can keep a distance of nearly 2 meters between us.
Of course, if you feel unwell at all – have been overseas or have been in contact with someone who has been recently overseas, then of course, I ask that you do the right thing and not come to class.
With this in mind – for those of you who are choosing to do the social distancing and self isolating, I am exploring the possibility of streaming a couple of classes a week from the studio – either through FB or on Zoom – I have my son Charlie figuring out how this is done as we speak – and will hopefully try get a class on line for Saturday – OMG – that will be too funny!!
I would also like to invite you to come and try an outdoor work out with me! At the moment I have a Boot-Camp class running on a Friday morning at 730 – It is a roaming Boot Camp and each Thursday afternoon, I WhatsApp the regulars and let them know where the session will be held the next morning. To date, we have traipsed around the Vineyards of Constantia, done walking lunges forwards, backwards and sideways, on the Alphen Green belt and played on the jungle gyms in Maynard Park – to name just a few locations. Tomorrows location is about to be announced, so if you would like to be included please send me a WhatsApp and I will add you to the group!
If it feels better for you to be exercising outdoors, then I would be happy (excited in fact!) to add another mornings Boot Camp to the schedule or even a late afternoon, where we can meet up and tick a few boxes at the same time – fresh air, camaraderie, and exercise …
And in closing – ( see, that wasn’t too long was it?) I just want to say to each of you my valued clients and friends.. this is a crazy time for all of us – keeping our cool, staying positive in our outlook and of course, keeping our bodies strong and fit – will see us survive this very challenging time together. Should you decide to not come to your classes or sessions, I am happy for you to ‘make-up’ the missed sessions once we are over the crux of this crisis.
In the meantime – I think a hike is in order – Anybody keen to meet up on Sunday morning?? Destination to be decided!
Yours in Health and Wellness,