Welcome back!

Hello there folks and welcome back to what I know will be a bumper year here at Pilates and Beyond Fitness Studio.
I trust that by now, most of you are on your way back to ‘normalising’ (what is normal?) after the silly season that is December!  I hope that your time was fun but restful and that you are ready to go forward into this new year with enthusiasm, positivity and vigor – I know that I am!
New Classes/Hikes/Rules and Regulations…. C’est Tout!
February will bring with it some new classes!  An Absolute Beginners Class for… you guessed it, absolute beginners!  If you have any family or friends who need some Pilates in their lives, please let them know about this new class starting with Zoe on Tuesday February 4th, 6pm.  No previous Pilates experience required, this class will start with all the basic principles of Pilates:
I will send out a Whats App pic next week for you to please share with said friends and family.
BalletRIP continues…. Do not be afraid – BalletRIP is FUN… it is a full body and cardio workout of note, which leaves you feeling invigorated and ready to face any challenges your day may hold.  First class is free – and from there on you will be hooked!  Join us this Wednesday at 8am – and stay tuned for an evening class which will be starting soon!
new HIIT Pilates Class will start on Thursday February 6th at 830am.
HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training – these intervals are brief – 3 to 4 minutes long and are interspersed between sets of traditional Pilates moves.  This takes our heart rates up therefore adding a ‘cardiovascular’ component to the work out.   As a little ‘soupcon’… a little taster,  I am inviting you to join me on Thursday January 23rd to give it a try.  Please let me know if you want me to put you on the list.  HIIT Pilates class continues on Tuesday mornings at 8 as usual.
And to fulfill a couple of requests – Yes, some of you would like to have an Early Bird Class – and I am happy to announce that Zoe will be at your service on Tuesday Mornings at 6am starting February 4th – Just think – you will have finished  Pilates workout by 7am – how fantastic is that???  Please let me know if you would like to add this class to your schedule, or move from another class to this one..
And Finally – A few Reminders!  Just a few Rules and Regulations.
Your cooperation with regards to these ‘Rules’ is appreciated.
1.  Please be sure to settle fees by the 1st of the month.
Those of you who attend group classes only – your fees will always be the same, and unless requested (please  reply this email to renew your request should you want me to send an invoice) emails will no longer be sent out for group class attendees.
2.  Please try your best to get to class early, to ensure that you get the benefit of the important warm up, and so that the class can start in a relaxed manner.
3.  Kindly take off shoes before entering the studio and remember to turn off your phones.
4.  Should you let me know in ‘fair time’ that you will not be able to make your class, I am happy for you to ‘catch up’ that class.
Last minute cancellations and no shows mean that class will be forfeited.
5.  Please ensure that a months notice is given should you need to leave the studio, or should you want to reschedule your regular class time.
6.  There will be a small annual increase in March.  The new fee structure will be announced soon.
In Closing, Thank you thank you thank you for your continued support – in this our 11th year here at The Wellness Station.  To all of you many clients who have been with me close to 20 years now, and to those of you who have joined me recently – I am so grateful to have you all in my life – you make my job so very enjoyable!
See you on the mat… and on the Mountain!