August Newsletter

Hello August!

Greetings everybody!                                                  

I hope that this email finds you well, and excited about the new month ahead!  I love August – somehow it feels like we have gotten over the crux of the winter and can look forward to the coming of Spring!  I realise that there is some dodgy weather ahead, but I still feel a sense of excitement!

I will try to make this newsletter an ‘almost’ point form email – as I have quite a bit of info to share – so I will cut out my bad attempts at flowery imagery and humour…

Welcome to our newbies – Shawn, Pat, Caron, Debbie, Salma, Jane and Barbara AND to  Di and all her many BalletRIPPERS!  It is so great to have you all join us here at Pilates and Beyond.  Please guys, feel free  to contact me should you have any questions or concerns – (good recipes or jokes also welcome) – this is your studio now, and I want it to be a place that you look forward to coming to, and want to tell all your friends about.  With that in mind, please have a look at our FB page – and feel free to tag yourself and please please please ‘share’ if you like!

Calling all you Hikers… or wanna be hikers 😉 … Next hike will take place on Saturday August 17th, meeting at the Silvermine Dam Parking Lot at 1030 sharp.
We will plan the exact hike between now and then – whether to head up to Elephants eye, Lookout Point, or just a circular hike along the ridge, can be decided either just before or on the day.  Bank on roughly a 3 hours walk – yes, there are hills.  Please have appropriate gear for all weather, and bring a snack to have at whichever beautiful view point we find to rest at.  Please see link re obtaining a green card/wild card/doggie card – otherwise cash at the entrance on the day is … I think R50.  Feel free to bring friend or family, 2 legged or 4!!

I would like us all to support our Pilates trainer Megan, in her efforts to raise awareness and funds for Kin Culture, a foster care organisation.  Megan is selling fresh BLUEBERRIES weekly at R90/kg.  They are locally grown and absolutely delicious and will be delivered to your door!  To order and to find out more, please contact Megan directly on 083-734- 5580 or email her on  You can see what Kin Culture is all about on this link…

BalletRIP with Di has taken off with a bang!  This is a ‘drop – in’ class costing R100 a class – please feel free to give it a try one Wednesday morning at 8am – it is basically ‘Pilates in Motion’ – with lots of beautiful plies and ballet arms – no ballet or dance experience required – All Humans Welcome!  See this link for more info!

Thursday mornings as of this week, we have introduced an Absolute Beginners Pilates Class… this class taught by Zoe will cover all the basic principles of the Pilates method of exercising.  A super class for those who have never done Pilates before, for those wanting a refresher in getting back to the basics of the Pilates method, or perhaps for someone who is recovering from an injury… Any questions about this, please feel free to call me.

In closing, I have a new email signature… It has been designed by my lovely client Margie Stewart, who after a process of questionnaires, little projects for me, and a few meetings designed what I think is this lovely logo for Pilates and Beyond.  I am busy now incorporating it into our website, FB page and will be getting some business cards printed etc – So exciting!  Please see this link for Margies contact details, should you have a project you would like to discuss with her. – I am so happy and delighted to recommend Margie’s very professional services!

I wish you all a spectacular weekend people… rain or shine, make sure to take advantage of this beautiful place that we are so lucky to call home.
Keep warm, be safe, be happy… Just Be!