Zooming into Lockdown

Hey there folks… how are you all doing?
Thank you thank you thank you ALL for embracing this ZOOM class option with me!
I cannot tell you how scared I was going into this lockdown (as we all were I am sure); how convinced I was that this was the end of Pilates and Beyond… but you my super amazing and ever so valued clients and friends have come to the party – and with your continued encouragement and support, I know now that this is actually just the beginning of Pilates and Beyond… I am so grateful.
It’s all new – this ‘zooming’ and for a technophobe like me it was a bit scary – but for those of you who have tried it, you have to admit it is pretty user friendly wouldn’t you say?
For those of you who have yet to try it – Please give me a shout – and let me walk you/talk you through the Zoom process – we can have a Zoom meeting – and you can see for yourself how easy it is to use – and then you can be back at Pilates next week!
I still have time slots open for private training sessions, and I would like to introduce a new class for Beginners to my schedule – (Tuesdays at 12) so if you have friends or family members keen to do some Pilates with me, please give them my deets!  Please if you have time…  would you mind checking into FB or onto Google Maps or our website, and perhaps leave a review/comment about your Zoom experience with me?  www.pilatesandbeyond.co.za
As I am still getting accustomed to this Zooming, please will you all confirm (again…) which class/classes you will be attending and be sure to ‘log in’ to the class 15 minutes before it starts, so that if there is a glitch (like if I forget to invite you to class…) there will be time to rectify things.  I have been advised to invite each client to class or session before each class or session to avoid ‘hackers’ hacking into our classes…
That’s all folk!!
Big Love!!
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