Hello February

Hey there folks…

Have you gotten into the swing of 2022 yet??
Hopefully you have settled down into your old routines, or maybe you have created some new ones? Like maybe an extra Pilates Class in the week? – or maybe you have mentally agreed to join us on our next Pilates and Beyond Hike? Or maybe you are content with your old routines, and there is absolutely Nothing Wrong With That!

Just a heads up – the annual fee increase will be in effect from March – I have kept the increase to 6%… wish I didn’t need to put up prices but alas – the cost of living – it’s just going up up up… The new fee structure looks like this:


1 class a week: R 175 per class
2 classes a week: R 160 per class
3 classes a week: R 135 per class

Private sessions: R 480 per session
Semi private (2 peeps): R700 per session
Orientation package – 5 private sessions: R 1780 per package
Drop in class: R200 per class


I know it’s a bit tedious, and snoresville… but please keep these things in mind with regards to your being a part of the tribe at P&B Fitness Studio…

Kindly settle your invoice on the first of each month – Pretty Please!

Please give at least 6 hours notice should you need to reschedule a class or session, in order to allow another person to ‘make up’ in your place. Last minute cancellations or ‘no shows’ do not qualify you for a ‘make up’ class or session…of course there are the occasional exceptions to the ‘rules’.

It is of the utmost importance that you arrive early – or at least on time… for class in order to do the very important warm up exercises and stretches, and to avoid interrupting the class once it has started. A penalty system will be put in place for repeat offenders, either 20 push ups, cleaning all mats at the end of class or a bottle of wine for the instructor will suffice – then all will be forgiven.

Should you wish to change your existing slots or leave the studio for some reason, please give one months notice (in writing please as my memory isn’t the best – but that’s “OK’ and apparently normal for my age!).

Kindly tell all your friends and family how amazing Pilates makes you feel, and share your happy thoughts with all the nice people that you meet 😉


For all you Happy Hikers… and threatening wannabee hikers… Please join us on Sunday February 20th for a lovely hike – Destination to be confirmed, just book the morning and let me know that you are keen so that I can give you all the deets about the hike… Friends and family welcome – at your discretion of course!

As always guys, thanks for your amazing continued support !

Love you lots.