Human Rights Day

Howzit guys!
Human Rights Day –  I know things can be rough here, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.   I am a Proudly South African Canadian… and I have faith that things can only get better… Huge thanks to all those amazing people out there trying to make things happen for all of us.
Just a quick little check in, and I would like to invite you to an awesome hike next Sunday!
A big welcome to the ‘Newbies’ who have joined us here at Pilates and Beyond since the start of the new year – It is great to have you all on board and doing Pilates with us!  Please remember that this is your studio – so if there is ever anything you want to discuss – fire away!  Suggestions for new classes, constructive criticism, good recipes and bad jokes are all welcome.  All you ‘Oldies’ are also welcome to chime in on the above topics too of course!
With all of the Public Holidays coming up, I will just remind you that we don’t hold classes on Public Holidays (Pilates instructor’s also need a day off ;)… And you are not invoiced for these days.  If your class falls on a Public Holiday and you would like to still get a class in that week, (kudos to you) just let me know, and we can organise a drop in class for you – no problemo!
As most of you know – I will be off on a Spanish Adventure for 2 weeks from April 14 – for a reunion with 5 highschool girlfriends.  After highschool, my friends and I basically scattered all over the world.  It was during LockDown that we started to have Zoom get togethers and wine evenings… and on one of those get togethers this reunion was planned… 7 nights in Mallorca – Esto va a ser divertido!  Picture below was circa 1983… can you guess which one is me??
The lovely Lilani and Manda will be covering classes – Zoe will also be away.  I am still organising the schedule but I anticipate all classes will be covered, and it should be business as usual.   I will make sure that the Whatsapp groups are up to date and include your trainer for the class in the group, in case you need to reschedule any classes.  I expect you to be on your best behaviour 😉
While I have your attention (Do I have your attention??)… A reminder of a few house rules…
* Thank you for paying your invoices timeously – Please remember to check your invoices, as admin is not my forte, and I often make mistakes…
* Arriving to class on time means that you get to enjoy all of the most important warm ups, and that you don’t interrupt the class once it has started… 
* Kindly take off shoes before entering the studio, and turn off cell phones – this helps keep the floors clean and allows you an hour ‘off’…
* If you cannot make a class, please try to give fair notice so that someone else can take your place – in this case you are welcome to reschedule a ‘make up’ class.
* Should you need to leave the studio for some reason, kindly give a month’s notice.
* Remember to tell your friends and family about the amazing benefits of the Pilates method of exercising… and maybe send a nice review to Google??
Our next Pilates and Beyond hike will be on Sunday March 26th, and will be a beautiful trek up to Pulpit Rock.
Meeting at 830am Sharp, at the end of Tafelberg Road. Drive past the Table Mountain Cable Station to the end of the road and park there.
Hike will be around 3.5 hours with a lovely tea stop on the Pulpit Rock.  My trusted friends John and Regina will be our guides, so we won’t get lost…
Please bring all the usual stuff, snacks, rain gear just in case, water, sunscreen, etc.
It is an uphill scramble to the top, but the views from there are SO worth it.  You are welcome to bring family and friends – just know, it is up up up… but we can stop for breaks!
Please let me know if you can make it… I really hope that you can.
In closing, thanks again for all your support over all these many years – you guys are the best!
See you on the mat.
pulpit rock