Keep on Keeping oN…

Hey Folks…

Wow, I can’t tell you how great it feels to be back in The Studio with you guys! Who would have thought?!?
I want to say a big thanks to all of you – for your patience while we navigate through this long and drawn out crisis… and try to find the best way forward.
I hope that you are all happy with the option to Zoom, or to come physically into the studio. There are a few teething problems – camera/tv placement for one, and perhaps the sound in the studio is a bit echoey for you guys at home, but I am working on both of these issues – Feel free to let me know of anything you think would help to make your Pilates experience even better.

So – it is Good Bye to ‘The Wellness Station’ and Hello to ‘Staines Road Practice’! Just FYI here is some beta on what is happening here at ‘THE PRACTICE’…
Dr. Rashiqua Holdman, our GP, and our Physio Lanice have held fast and continue to practice from their rooms here at Staines Road. To make an appointment for them, please call all our Receptionist Zoe on this new number: 021 761 4780.
Joining the team, we have Dr. Tarryn Mey – Please see the link to find out how this dynamic Chiropractor can help you with all your chiropractic needs – Appointments can be made with Tarryn on 076 873 0516
Also joining the team is Shannon, a Clinical Psychologist for 17 years, who also works as an ICF coach. Shannon’s common areas of focus are identity, personal growth, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship, intimacy and life transitions. Shannon also runs a skills-focused support group for managing low mood and anxiety called ‘Vitality and Mood’. To make an appointment to see Shannon, call 071 705 2939.

Now that we are back ‘In Studio’ – I would like to take this opportunity to remind you folks of a few ‘rules and regulations’ with regards to helping things run smoothly at Pilates and Beyond Fitness Studio.

With the lock down, and classes being on line, I was able to be quite lenient with regards to the 24 hour cancellation policy – but now that we are back in the studio, and with the need to control numbers, I must ask for you to please adhere to the cancellation policy.

I will make the cancellation policy a 12 hour policy – in order to qualify for a make up class or session – kindly allow me 12 hours notice. If you cancel at the last minute or simply do not show up, then that class has been forfeited. Obviously there are the occasional emergencies that pop up and of course we can chat – but space in class is now very limited.

Please ensure that fees for the month are paid within the first week of the month.

Please arrive to class a few minutes early (in Studio and on Zoom) so that we can start the class timeously and in a relaxed manner. The first 10 minutes of the class are incredibly important for warming up the body.

Kindly turn cell phones off when entering the studio.

For those of you continuing to Zoom from home, I need for you all to have a small ball, a big ball, a thera band and a roller. (Would it be too much to ask you to have a magic circle too??) If we do a class in the studio with one of these ‘toys’ and you don’t have whatever it is that we are using, then you will need to make due… (remember loo rolls, tin cans, rolled up towels, chairs ;). You can order whatever it is you need from me, just let me know.

With Summer around the corner (WHOOP WHOOP!!!) – I would really love to re-introduce a BalletRIP class – (Di??) and also my Friday morning out door Wandering BOOT CAMP… This would be an hour long session, Friday mornings 7am – at various locations in the Claremont/Constantia/Southern Suburb area…
Any takers??

That’s it for now folks – Short n Sweet – ish!
Really appreciate your understanding in the above ‘Rules & Regulations’…

I will keep you all posted on our next hike!

Yours in Health