How did we get to November?? . . . Thanks, and Hike this Sunday (Nov 15th)

Hey Folks!!

So here we are in November – nearly the end of the strangest, most trying, interesting, crazy, scary, intriguing, enlightening (any more words come to mind?) .. Year EVER!

First off… A big thanks to all of you special Pilates and Beyond Peeps who were in the position to sponsor me at the Climb4HopeSA event held in Montagu last weekend. Our contribution towards the R70 000 (and counting) raised to help Donkey Sanctuary’s and The Sunflower Fund, was close to R5000!!! A BIG heartfelt Thanks to all of you! It was a fantastic weekend and the weather gods were on our side – after monumental rains on Friday, Saturday we woke to blue skies and sunshine. Please take a moment (3 mins in fact) to have a look at this lovely little video made of the event… (at 2mins30 you will see me scale a high wall at speed), and at the end you will see some gorgeous, healthy and happy donkeys!

So – when the scary decision was made to go back to the studio – we agreed to Zoom each class on the schedule, so that you could have the choice to come to the studio, or to stay at home. I would appreciate your feedback on how you feel this is working. I love Zoom, and I will continue to Zoom – but I am not sure if Zooming all the classes is in everyone’s best interest… as a trainer, I feel that (try as I might)… I cannot give 100 percent to those of you on Zoom while I have people in the studio in front of me, and vice versa… And I really do want to give each and everyone of you 100%…. More in fact. With this crazy year nearly over, I won’t make any changes right now – but with your feedback taken into consideration, I think that from January – or February, I will introduce classes for Zoomers only – and have classes for In Studio attendees only. Please let me know how you feel. And if you are planning on staying a Zoomer for the foreseeable future, I implore you to please have all the toys at your disposal… and in the same room that you are Zooming from 😉

Finally – Please join me this Sunday November 15th for an interesting and somewhat different sort of hike! The intrepid Margot will be leading us (not astray I hope). Meeting at 8am Sharp – (10 Burpees if we need to wait for you 😉
The hike will start on Brommersvlei Road (parking on the road just past the Klaasenbosch Dr. turnoff), where you will see the Alphen Green Belt to the Right and the Diep River Trail on the left. Our hike will follow the Diep River Trail up to Rhodes Dr., cross into the forest, up to the Contour Path where we will wind our way to the Skeleton Gorge Waterfall. Beautiful!! We will then meander down to Kirstenbosch Gardens – perhaps have some tea on the lawn, and then proceed out through the Rooikat gate, following the Klaasenbosch Trail down back to our cars which are hopefully still there 😉 The hike should take roughly 3hours. Please bring plenty of water, a snack, tea/coffee, sunscreen and wear a hat. Let me know if you would like to join us.

Sorry – one more finally… We are not out of the woods yet peeps. Please make sure that you DO NOT come to the studio if you feel at all unwell, or have possibly been exposed. Be sure to sanitise when entering the Practice. Once you are on your mats which are spaced out well – you are then free to take off your mask, but please put them back on once we are wandering around again. I have a very good santisier which I am using to keep the space as clean as possible.

That’s all folks – a Very Happy Friday to you! Please if you are on FB – have a peek at today’s Bootcamp fun in the park – feel free to like and share and comment away!!

Yours in Health!