Happy New Year – Fee increase Notice and Hike Anyone??

I am so looking forward to seeing all of you back on the mat – either in Studio or on Zoom. Pilates and Beyond Fitness Studio will reopen ready to tackle a brand new and exciting year on Monday January 11th! 2021 show us what you got!!

For January, the schedule will remain the same, and all classes will continue to be Zoomed as well. I will aim to streamline the schedule for February – with specific ‘Studio Only’ and ‘Zoom Only’ classes on the schedule. I will keep you posted and probably send out a questionnaire regarding this soon…

As mentioned in my last email – the annual fee increase will take place from February – with group class prices increasing by 6%, and private sessions staying the same price. You will be sent an invoice for each month as each class in the month will be charged for, and public holidays and times when studio closes will not be charged for. I will send invoices out by the 25th of each month and kindly request that payment is made by the 1st of each month.

New Fees from February 1st will be as follows.

1 x class a week: R165 per class
2 x classes a week: R150 per class
3 x classes a week: R130 per class
Drop in classes: R200 per class

Private sessions: R450 per session
Semi Privates session (2 people): R660 per session
Orientation Package (5 private sessions): R1680 per package

Hike anyone?? Please join me, in a gentle amble at Silvermine Nature Reserve on Saturday January 9th – meeting at the dam parking lot at 845am Sharp.
We can decide on the morning on the hike – whether up to the lookout point, or just a circular hike along the ridge and around. Hike should take roughly 3 hours, and we can enjoy some tea and a snack afterwards if time permits for you. Sadly, no swimming in the dam – (which really confuses me and makes me very sad) – but there we go! It would be lovely to see you there – please let me know if you can make it!


I have to say – I am hugely optimistic that this year will be simply the best! We will get to grips with this virus, have vaccines available, and we will take pride in how we worked together and managed to get through this crazy mad time… All this craziness has given many of us ‘food for thought’ and has changed the way we look at things, and perhaps even how we do things – for the better…

As always – truly grateful for all of you and your support!!
See you on the mat – or the mountain!!
xx Nats